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Our Values

Our drive for excellence comes from the fear of being average. We don't just want to build software, we want to bring new ideas to reality-- ideas that one day, will become bigger than us. This obsession with the product itself is what allows us to deliver quality software systems from prototype to production and beyond.
You can be confident in knowing that if you bring us a project, we will be just as passionate about it as you are.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the ideal technical partner for handling the entire software development process, from the first prototype to production.

Our Commitment

We commit to a transparent development process through rapid prototyping and iteration to align with client requirements.
We deliver scalable, production-grade software that is the result of industry best practices such as test-driven development and third-party security audits.
Software development is not just a business for us, it's a way of life. We love showing people the beauty of computer science and the gratifying feeling of building things with code. Our way of giving back to the tech community is through education and mentorship for individuals looking to transition careers into the software development industry. We have dedicated our Medium blog and YouTube channel for this purpose.

Our Team

Software Engineer
Mushfiqur Rahman
Mushfiqur Rahman - Software Engineer

Mushfiqur is a web developer who is passionate about building clean, aesthetic websites and web applications. Although tech wasn’t his first passion, he quickly transitioned into the industry after his very first HTML and CSS tutorial. He adopted programming and web development skills, driving him to this career path. Mushfiqur enjoys learning new concepts and technologies that maximize his skill set. Apart from coding, he likes playing soccer, video games, watching nature documentaries, and hiking.

Software Engineer
Pralish Kayastha
Pralish Kayastha - Software Engineer

Pralish is skilled in Ruby on Rails, Linux and general Front-end Development. He obtained his Bachelor's degree in Computer Software Engineering which was the start of his many successful endeavors. Pralish’s motivation for success in the Tech world came from his family who suggested that he develop a love for the industry, and he did. When he has time, Pralish enjoys watching TV shows, especially The Big Bang Theory.

Software Engineer
Prashant Khadka
Prashant Khadka - Software Engineer

Prashant specializes in Backend development using Ruby on Rails and Frontend development using Angular and ReactJS. He successfully completed a video editing and mobile app development course at a young age and enjoys working on challenging projects with a cup of coffee close by. Prashant started with a role in Software Engineering which drove his career in web development. In his free time, Prashant likes to hike, play guitar and swim.

Founder - Restarone
Don Restarone
Don Shashike - Founder

Don is a dedicated designer, developer and dev ops engineer by trade and is the technical lead of Restarone Solutions. He is an AWS Certified Developer Associate with a proven track record of building software products at both startups and large enterprises. When he's not building software, he’s creating programming and tech related content on Medium and YouTube.